About Us
Content Marketing Company

Who We Are

CMC is a group of long-term internet and web professionals led by Adrian Elford, a digital marketing expert.  CMC was started as we saw many businesses struggle to get their head round the various, and often complicated, opportunities available to them, and their competition!, online. We take great reward in taking a business from one level to the next, giving them greater visibility and consistant, long-term, increased brand awareness leading to more incoming traffic, leads and ultimately, more business.

Who we Work for

Typically, we can provide great value for every business from one-man startups to medium sized businesses who just do not have the resources, time or expertise to conduct a meaningful online content marketing campaign.

eRentz - The UK's largest online rental marketplace WhichBike - Online Motorcycle Community and YouTube channel

Case Studies

eRentz is the UK's largest online rental marketplace bring together rental companies with consumers who wish to hire anything from bouncy castles to wedding venues.  We help eRentz with a content marketing strategy which includes content creation for their major sectors, content deployment and sharing on their main site and social media channels.

WhichBike.com is  fast growing motorcycle community. We operate their entire article, content strategy and social media performance including YouTube optimisation.

Experience Matters

We have experience in taking a start-up from being unknown to having a strong online presence. Content marketing achieves this by engaging with a company's target audience, making them aware of the brand and introducing helpful content that gives the company trust and recognition. A full content marketing strategy brings all of the components together to maximise the opportunities of a campaign.
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