Content Advice
Having the right content marketing strategy for your business is the difference between failure and success. The right content attracts the eyeballs that you are after in a most cost effective way.

The first thing to do is set out what your objectives are for your business and the campaign. You need to clearly define measurable goals of what your company wants to accomplish. Next up is working out how to attract the eyeballs of your prospects. You therefore need to work out exactly who these prospects are and find out what they read, watch and listen to in order to present them the right content at the right time.

You can then create a plan which should look at any existing content that you have to see if it is suitable to use in the new strategy. You need to have a look at what your competitor's messages are and how they are doing. What can you improve?
At this point you will likely need to work out how you will deliver the content and what manpower and resources you will need to accomplish it.
Once this is all know, you can then create a content calendar.

The sharing of the content can then begin. This could start off on your own website as a blog, be placed on other relevant sites and across one or many social media channels that are relevant to yout targeted persona.

Lastly, you need to track and review all analytics relating to the plan so that you can refine them where necessary and repeat accordingly.

The right content will build up trust with your prospect and retain them as a customer, hopefully time and time again.

Attract, convert and retain customers
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