Content Advice
Just scribbling up some keyword rich content is just not going to cut it in today's ultra competitive world. You need to truly offer your prospects something of value.

Original Content

The mosty obvious key to good content is that it is ORIGINAL. Google and other search engines absolutely love nice, clear, informative and fairly long original content. They try to find this every second of every day.

Eyecatching Titles

You need to have a title that grabs people's attention. Ideally, this title is placed in front of them just where and when they need help with something, help that you provide in that content. The title needs to get that accross. 80% of people will read a title only, 20% will read the rest of it if the title is good. The title therefore plays a very important part.

Get attention!

Providing Answers

What do people use Google and other search engines for? Answer: to find out the answer to a question!
Your content needs to identify the problems faced by your prospective audience and then give them  the solution. They should be keen to read it and then keen to use your solution afterwards. This will build up trust and trust leads to further engagement and a relationship.


Your content needs to be accurate and truthful. It is often even wise to place links in to prove the soluton in your content. You are trying to build up trust and solutions. The impact of outgoing links at this juncture is not worth worrying about (but make sure that the links open in a new window!)


People love stories. They can't get enough of them. People resonate with other people's experiences. Create a personable story within your content and people will far more likely remember it. Furthermore, people are more likely to trust something when they believe that somebody else has already experienced it.


People do not tend to like reading loads of text. This should be broken up with pictures or videos BUT ONLY where this adds to the concept of the content.


Don't just create some content and then share it and leave it. Content marketing is a long term strategy that grows and grows and brings leads into your business. You need to consider creating content daily for social media and twice a week for articles.

Repeat your content time and time again
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