Our Services
Our aim is to help you create and deliver a strategically effective way of attracting more business by using great content on the web.

We can help you with content creation, content sharing and/or a written up strategy with training.

Our services fall into 3 main components, which you can pick and choose from, or have the lot in one package and leave it all to us.

Content Creation

Quality content is vitally important to make you stand out amongst your competitors whatever the field that you are in.
Matt Cutts, Head of webspam at Google said himself "Quality content is key to Google rankings."

Good content requires research and eloquency with a strong underlying persuasive core. It needs to be easily read yet cover your key business areas as definded in this particular campaign. Content can be created generally for more awareness or for specific events like new product launches.

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Contact Sharing

We can help you organise and share your content out across multiple channels. These are the channels that make most sense for your business or goals and may include two or more social media channels, PR sites, your own website (!) and blogs.

Your key customer base needs defining so that the message hits the right people at the right time.

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Contact Marketing Strategy

To be most effective, your business really needs a full content marketing strategy. This is the foundation of the most successful content marketing campaigns, short or long term.

We can create the strategy for you and you can create the content and share it out, or we can do the whole lot for you and leave you to concentrate on your business.

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Complete Content Marketing Package

We can do the whole lot for you - Create and deliever a full content campaign to get you more leads for your business. There is full reporting to agreed KPIs and at any point you are able to take over - you are always in ultimate control.

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