Content Creation
So, what is all the fuss these days about content?

What even is content? The short answer to that is that it is simply 'information'.
This information should perform up to 5 functions;
  • It should guide, teach or advise
  • It should persuade
  • It should entertain
  • It should be relevant to your business
  • It should read like an engaging story with suitable flow

Even better, this content should match and enhance your actual business goals, be findable by search engines, be well presented and linked to from bith inside and outside of your website.

Good content, created in this way, will not only attract generic (free) traffic from the search engines but also keep your visitors on the site for far fewer bounce-offs.

Our team includes professional copywriters who can create content that maximises the conversion rate of your visitors and can easily be shared on blog sites and social media. Our writers will thoroughly research  your sector to ensure that the article covers every possible angle.

To make it easier and transparent, we have  simple packages. As the packages increase in word count, the actual cost increases as more research has to be done to reach the word count. There is absolutely no point in writing a load of waffling nonsense. The information included has to cover the criteria set out above.

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